1. Unfading, everlasting, immortal, infinite.

2. Of a purple-red color.

Just in case you’re still not sure what on Earth you’ve stumbled upon here, this is, indeed, a blogging website.  Come stare into The [Amaranthine] Abyss; there are plenty of blog entries for your reading needsphotographs for your viewing desires, and creepy abyss-like entities that aren’t afraid to stare back at you (just kidding… maybe…).  The condensed version is that “The Amaranthine Abyss” consists of “Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness, & Beyond”, but that hardly scrapes the [death metal] surface.  This is the battleground where edgy embraces erudite, stylish stays sassy, and alternative adores Amaranthine.   

Even though this blog’s concept of “Amaranthine” began as a color theme back in 2017, it quickly grew into the epitome of a specific temperament and, in turn, perception of the world.  It’s transformed from a shade alone into the embodiment of a type of spirit; in other words, don’t be stunned when the imagery around here occasionally deters from those pastel reddish-purple hues.  Amaranthine-colored goggles don’t omit the blues, greens, oranges, and yellows of the world; they simply observe, and only occasionally transform them.  

That’s just life, even when it is in Amaranthine.

Ami J. Sanghvi, the masterfeline behind this entire operation, is an Indian American23-year-old woman based in New York City and New Jersey.  She is a blogger, poet, novelist, MMA fighter in-training, fitness-enthusiast, and photographer who is deeply engulfed in the essence of Amaranthine.  Ami is also currently a brand ambassador for Just Strong Clothing and CIVION Accessories.   

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016 (commenced degree at Arizona State University, completed it at Purdue University), and is considering pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in the coming years before delving into her doctorate-level studies.  She is also in the process of completing coursework for several specialization certifications (including creative writing, photography, graphic design, social media marketing, philosophy, etc.).  

At the current time, Ami is prioritizing her novel-writing, poetry-slamming, and MMA-training.  This blog and its corresponding photography are living and breathing organisms which wholly embrace concepts of unpredictability, exploration, shape-shifting, and drastic change… where appropriate.  Still, the primary objectives always remain the same: the pursuits of knowledge and personal growth

Novel-writing completion, slam poetry, competitive fighting, new fitness triumphs, YouTube presence, and even longer hair are all in the current Amaranthine game plan for 2018